The Leading Global Education & Technology Hybrid Expo in East Africa

“It is time to make a paradigm shift in Africa education system! Guess what, Back to School Africa F-Expo, 5th Edition, is here to make that a reality ever seen before”

Education institutions & technology solution providers from every corner of the 7 continents are expected to connect under one roof to showcase their product & services for the scholar community. The 2 days of the event is expected to introduce latest classroom Tech solutions, which are expected on creating an impact on the next chapter of learning & teaching practices in Africa.

Why we STAND out!

#1: Genuine Convenience

The event features a hybrid presence; physical & virtual. Being an award winning international event collaborator, The Event Architect Group, powers the virtual 3D.We take CONVENIENCE as a benchmark; as to the point event engagement shall bring forth the maximum outcomes for exhibitors & visitors as listed below.

For Exhibitors

  • Take-part from any part of the globe
  • Double presence in one event
  • Share updates & changes instantly
  • Meet students from any part of the continent
  • Share experiences with global seasoned expertise
  • Organize independent workshops more than once

For Visitors

  • 24/7 visiting opportunity
  • Share feedbacks instantly
  • Meet the right study abroad representatives
  • Follow-up latest trends from anywhere
  • Arrange 1-2-1 meeting with exhibitors
  • Get the right information on time
  • Participate on workshops of interest

2023 BONUS!

The event shall be virtually available for the whole 1 year (12 Month).

#2: 365 / 360 Degree Visibility

The venue, ABRAHOT LIBRARY is in close distance to bole international airport, 3KM. Being acclaimed center of 360° visibility, it is believed to be the perfect place to obtain a comprehensive view of students & the academic community by leveraging data from various sources.

This is also another opportunity to influence the power

of an effective CRM (Customer Relationship Management).

No matter what your business does, it’s important to truly know the people you’re serving.

By developing a 360-degree view of your customers, you can deliver amazing experiences while setting yourself up for long-term success.

#3: F-Expo it is!

F-Expo meaning, exhibition & festival, this year event shall introduce various informative & entertaining activities that shall enhance audiences’ engagement at one hand and create lasting memories in the other.

  • Startup Presentations
  • Keynote Speakers
  • Competitions & 1-2-1 Contests
  • Virtual Mentorship Sessions
  • Special Needs Students Performance
  • Cultural & Historic Showcases
  • Entertaining Activities
  • Live Art & Band Shows
  • Surprise Guests Attendance
  • Educationalists Award Ceremonies
  • Back to School Night Festival

#4: Untapped Market Potential

Well-timed and informative communications are at the heart of building those ongoing customer relationships. And below are present opportunities the African continent human & capital resource resonates with a splendid apatite for the “When” moment.

  • Largest Youth Population in the world, >70%
  • Huge Demand To Study Abroad
  • Boosting Digital Transformation
  • 4G or 5G Widely-Spreading
  • Hugely Shifting to e-Learning
  • Have Market Potential & Resources
  • Peeling eyes for Alliance Opportunity

#5: Social Currency


#6: Event Digital Status



1.6K Likes, 1.7K Followers

#7: Membership

Network of the most specialist corporate event-agencies worldwide, The Event Architect Group, active in 20 countries worldwide, where we have privileged to be a keen & sole member of the group from Ethiopia since 2021.

Official Source:  www.eventarchitect-group.com

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Virtual venue

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Day 1


A BOLD & LASTING partnership has been made between NOOSPHERE and the EVENTARCHITECT GROUP in organising the 4th edition of global education expo, which shall be held from April 30 till May 4 2022 at ABREHOT LIBRARY, ADDIS ABABA, ETHIOPIA.
A BOLD & LASTING partnership has been made between NOOSPHERE and the EVENTARCHITECT GROUP in organising the 4th edition of global education expo, which shall be held from April 30 till May 4 2022 at ABREHOT LIBRARY, ADDIS ABABA, ETHIOPIA.

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"He, who learns, teaches." – Ethiopian Proverb
"Education is what you know, not what’s in the book." – Egyptian Proverb
“People are never too old to learn.” - Netherlands Proverb
"To WIN BIG, you SOMETIMES have to take BIG RISKS!" - Bill Gates
"In a group of three people, there will always be one person I can learn from." - Confucius
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